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Special Report

Battle of Seattle: What Really Happened

(Seattle) On November 30, 1999 tens of thousands of protesters arrived in Seattle to peacefully demonstrate their concern for the welfare of humanity and the planet during the World Trade Organization's ministerial meeting.

What happened will never be forgotten.

Seattle's Police force, with assistance from many other law enforcement organizations, undertook a program of violence against the nonviolent protesters was shamefully abusive, indiscriminate, and brutal.

If it were not for independent media this story would not be told. Mainstream media chose to focus on the isolated vandalism caused by alleged anarchist groups. They ignored and underreported the atrocities that occurred in Seattle during the week of these protests, dubbed N30.

This special report is a compilation of images, reports, and other documentation from eyewitnesses at the Seattle protests. This is a story that must be told.

Download Blind Spot, Indymedia's Daily Bulletin of Underreported Anti-WTO Activism. [issue 1] [issue2] [issue 3] [issue 4] [issue 5]

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Global Corporations - Background Information

Seattle Protest Information

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[updated: 12/14/1999]

From the perspective of a Seattle police officer, the prospect of assaulting fellow citizens with rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray must not have been comfortable. I'm certain that the peer pressure in their ranks was tremendous. Nevertheless, their assault (many on unarmed, nonviolent protesters, and civilian bystanders) was inappropriate and brutal. May we find it in our hearts to forgive them.

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