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Written in 1992, these

goals are still the driving

force behind our business.

Our Mission

Welcome to The Holistic Networker, a quarterly directory of holistic and metaphysical products and services. As a holistic professional, I found several needs not addressed by existing publications. Foremost was the need for a publication where holistic professionals could advertise inexpensively and effectively. I set three goals for myself in creating the The Holistic Networker to meet this need.

To stimulate growth of holistic business in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Nothing is better for business than publicity. Advertising in a publication dedicated to holistic alternatives provides the advertiser and consumer with a forum to meet. By focusing only on holistic and metaphysical products and services the The Holistic Networker is a unique resource.

To foster effective marketing

Holistic professionals can expect the The Holistic Networker to provide a highly visible form of advertising. Consumers can expect to find a collection of successful and dedicated professionals on these pages.

To create a viable publishing business that both serves and prospers.

I wish to serve a community that seeks to create a safer, healthier, saner planet. I join in transforming our world by providing this publication to bring this community together. I undertake this service with the intention to foster growth and prosperity.


©1992, Tony Cecala