EMF Reduction devices reduce the Electromagnetic Radiation around your body and home.

Air and Water Filtration Devices remove particulate and chemical pollutants from your drinking water.

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Sherry Sughroue, ID#BC20842
Scientifically-proven natural products for better health and environment. Over 70 clinical studies published in peer-reviewd medical journals. Nutrition, personal care and home care.
By Alan Roubik
Distributed by Shifting Frequencies
Alan's music has been scientifically tested and endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the "Messages from Water" books. Alan's CDs are used for pain and anxiety relief, as well as assisting the human immune system. See display ad for more information.
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These beautiful mugs and coasters are scientifically-designed to energize and positively enhance your water and other beverages. They incorporate magnetism, sacred geometry and Dr. Emoto's technology. (Dr. Emoto is the author of the Messages from Water books, which contain the world's first pictures of frozen water crystals). The art work was designed by intuitive artist, Nicole Mizoguchi.
Distributed by Shifting Frequencies
This incredible movie, starring Academy Award-Winning actress Marlee Matlin, is available on DVD. See how science and spirituality come together. Also available: "The Little Book of Bleeps". This book contains over 100 full-color frames and many inspiring quotes from the film. Paperback 5" x 7", 160 pages. See display ad for more details.