These fields include:
Astrology. The science of the placement of the planets and stars. Natal charts describe your personality strengths and areas of growth and are based on how the planets and stars are positioned around you (based on the time and place of your birth). Astrology may help you to foresee major life challenges and it can provide a road map showing your available options.

Psychics are people who are able to "tune in" to information in order to answer questions or to give guidance. They may do this in one or a variety of ways such as with intuition, clairvoyance ('seeing' with the mind's eye), clairaudience ('hearing' things), and clairsentience ('feeling' things). Psychics are tuning into the probable and not the absolute. Thus, we all have the ability to change what may be foreseen by a psychic.

Tarot is a divination method used to obtain guidance to situations in your life. Some believe that the Tarot began in Italy over 500 years ago while others feel that it corresponds to the Kabbalah. The tarot card deck contains 78 cards. Tarot card readers tend to use different 'spreads' and to have their own interpretations and way of using the cards. These readings can be quite informative and accurate.

Intuitive Astrologer and
Tarot Reader
Cynthia Novak
metro 817-261-2984
Intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader, Cynthia Novak provides detailed, informative, tape-recorded sessions. All are heart-centered and process oriented.
Shannon Maxey
1304 W. Abram Suite 200
Arlington, Texas 76013
ACCURATE - COMPASSIONATE - RESPECTED. Shannon specializes in receiving credible, verifiable and helpful messages from your loved ones in spirit. Shannon serves clients throughout North America.