Various methods of healing emotional issues may include the following modalities:

Hypnotherapy is the practice of using hypnosis in counseling. The idea is that by accessing your subconscious, hypnotherapy may be successful in habit control and in the healing of the inner child.

Inner Child Therapy
The child you once were is known as your "inner child". The idea is that your inner child reminds you of the decisions you made as a child and therefore is continually influencing your attitude and personality. A major focus for those interested in changing the impact of the dysfunctional family is on the healing of the inner child.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Developed by Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler, NLP involves a process by which you are guided to review your current thought behavior and linguistic patterns. Determining what personal patterns have been developed and removing self-induced limits allows new levels of awareness and personal effectiveness to be achieved.

One Brain®
Practitioners in the healing arts have determined that almost every physical problem originates from emotional causes. The One Brain system diffuses the past emotions that block us in the present. One Brain may work on any emotionally induced problem that is induced by stress in every day life.

Past-Life Regressions
This is the process in which an altered state of consciousness is induced in order to help a person to relive experiences from past lives. Past life regression may help us learn about factors in relationships that are affecting us today or about health problems that seem to have no basis in this life. The goal of past life regression is to allow us an understanding of the soul's memory in order for us to release, forgive and grow.

Psychotherapy can help us in working through certain situations or issues, to understand ourselves better, and/or to find greater harmony in our lives. There are many types of psychotherapy such as the traditional one-on-one insight-oriented therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc. In addition, psychotherapy can be given to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

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Insight Center For Spiritual Direction
John M. Daniels, B.S., M. Div.
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Dallas, TX 75240
972-669-0332 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F), weekends by appt.
Services available: individual/family counseling, seminars relating to the concept of emotional healing through spiritual direction, life coaching based on one's personal religious/cultural belief system. Discreet, non-threatening, adherence to HIPAA. Sliding scale fees available to qualified clients. Package pricing if desired.
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Introducing an amazing scientific breakthrough by Drs. Peter Lambrou and George Pratt. These psychologists have evolved a method called Emotional Self-Management™, which is derived from ancient Chinese understandings of acupuncture points and from Western cognitive science. Their invaluable book and computer CD provide an incredible tool to manage one's emotions more positively and effectively.