These businesses sell some or all of the following: tribal art, drums, rattles, pipes, collectibles, jewelry, angels, books, music, metaphysical books, windchimes, prisms, candles, holiday cards, angels, fairies, gargoyles, fountains and incense.

by Dr. Masaru Emoto
Distributed by Shifting Frequencies
These are the books that everyone is talking about! Discover that water is alive and affected by words, music, prayers and more! Also available: video and DVD of Dr. Emoto's April 2004 Dallas presentation, Water Cyrstal Oracle Cards, and "Thank You" Poster. See display ad for more details.
Jewelry and Minerals for the Spirit
Dal-Rich Shopping Center
101 S. Coit, Suite 102
near Whole Foods
Richardson, TX
Huge selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry - Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Moldavite, Phenacite, Zincite, and other energy stones - Crystal Balls - Mystical Pewter Figurines - Singing Crystal Bowls - Fountains, Smudge Sticks, Incense, Runes and more!
Distributed by Shifting Frequencies
This incredible movie, starring Academy Award-Winning actress Marlee Matlin, is available on DVD. See how science and spirituality come together. Also available: "The Little Book of Bleeps". This book contains over 100 full-color frames and many inspiring quotes from the film. Paperback 5" x 7", 160 pages. See display ad for more details.