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Power vs Force

The Eye of the I



Power vs Force
The Eye of the I
I: Reality and Subjectivity

by Dr. David R. Hawkins

Power vs Force
In Power vs Force, Dr. Hawkins describes how he used kinesiology (aka, "muscle testing") to investigate consciousness. He determined that the human experience can be placed on a scale that he labeled from 1 to 1000. At the low end of the scale are qualities such as Guilt (30), Fear (100), Anger (150). Humans experiencing life at these levels are trapped by life; they feel victimized by the effect of forces in the physical universe. All levels below 200 are described as "Force," and characterized by a weak kinesiologic response. Levels above 200 are described as "Power," and elicit a strong kinesiologic response.

Higher on this scale are Courage (200), Willingness (310), Reason (400), and Love (500). Humans experiencing life at these levels feel that they are the source of their lives-they create effects in the physical universe. Different levels reflect radically unique viewpoints of the world. Dr. Hawkins points out that most of the great scientists (e.g., Newton, Freud) calibrate at 499, the highest level of the intellect. Yet, Carl Jung calibrates at 540: he coined the term "collective consciousness" -- a concept that transcends reason or quantifiability.

At the highest end of this scale of human experience (600-1000) are qualities that transcend duality. Labels such as "enlightenment" cannot describe the bliss of these levels of consciousness. Dr. Hawkins reports that the great prophets of recorded human history (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha) all calibrate on this scale at 1000. Their message of Unity also calibrated near 1000. Unfortunately, their message was translated by followers with less enlightened viewpoints; this explains the Holy Wars, and the vengeful God of the Old Testament.

Dr. Hawkins states that, on average, reading Power vs Force will increase a person's level of consciousness 35 points on the scale. To put this in perspective, most people increase only 5 points in an entire lifetime! In these two books, Dr. Hawkins explains clearly that Unity is our true nature-in other words, that the universe is holographic, and that every-thing is within every-One of us.

The Eye of the I
In Dr. Hawkins' second book on the topic of consciousness, The Eye of the I, he discusses how human consciousness can evolve to a level of consciousness of 600, and beyond-into the realms of the mystic and sage. Hawkins himself had a spontaneous awakening experience that rendered him into a bliss consciousness beyond "normal" reality. His reprinted Q&A with students in this book provides valuable insight for spiritual seekers who wish to learn more about spiritual evolution. While reading The Eye of the I, I felt waves of energy flow through me--this book delivers a spiritual experience!

I: Reality and Subjectivity
The third book of the trilogy, I: Reality and Subjectivity, provides quintessential information for seekers of enlightenment. Dr. Hawkins clearly explains the Path, the Obstacles, the Ego, the Emotions, and the Will. He describes the Nature of Divinity as clearly as words can convey the ineffable. Written in an easy-to-read question and answer format, I takes the reader as close to the Truth about Truth as can be expressed in words. In fact, I calibrates at 999.8 on the scale of human consciousness. (Power vs Force and the Eye of the I, calibrated at 850 and 980, respectively.)

I is monumental in its level of truth. Future generations will recognize that Dr. Hawkins was the first person in humankind to effectively achieve a knowingness of the nature of God and to accurately convey the Truth of that experience in verifiable words. (Truth, he explains, cannot be proven. For proof is in the realm of reason. Truth can be verified, however, with kinesiology.)

Who would be interested in a book like this? At first glance, theological scholars and seekers would certainly enjoy reading it. Yet, this book can illuminate any reader and propel him or her to a deeper understanding of reality from whatever level of consciousness they are currently experiencing. This book is valuable to every living person.

If you read only Chapter 10, "The Nature of God", you would expose yourself to a level of Truth unlike any in written form--this chapter calibrates at 1000. Twenty-three published statements about God in this chapter were verified by a group of 100 kinesiology testers at 100% certainty.

I is so profound that descriptions of it fall short of the clarity of the material -- thus I'll present a short excerpt to give you a sense of the level of Truth that I radiates.

Q: It is often difficult to understand the meaning of spiritual information.

A: Spiritual truth is beyond meaning; it doesn't 'mean' anything. It can only be known, and that knowledge can only come about by becoming. Meaning is a mentation and a definition. Spiritual truth is a subjective awareness which is innately beyond intellection. For instance, what does a beautiful sunset 'mean'? It doesn't 'mean' anything; it is just startlingly that which it is, complete and total in and of itself. God is a direct awareness and experience, a realization, a revelation, and the absolute perfection of pure subjectivity.

*More about Dr. Hawkin's work can be found at www.veritaspub.com.

NOTE: In muscle testing, a person is asked to resist a force exerted on their outstretched arm while they hold a statement in mind. If the statement is true, then the arm locks and resists the force. If the statement is not true, then the arm goes weak and is easily pushed down. Dr. John Diamond introduced this technique to the natural health field and popularized what is now called Behavioral Kinesiology.

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