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Lifes Passion

The Elusive Here & Now
by Dan Coppersmith

The Elusive Here & Now

I have known Dan Coppersmith and enjoyed his poetry for many years. Dan writes from a deep place about life: fear, joy, shame—being human. His words will touch you and bring you to tears, if you let them.

Dan's first book, The Elusive Here & Now, brings together his sensitive poetry and his stunning nature photography. Each alone, the photos or the poems, would make a lovely book. By bringing them together, Dan has composed a masterpiece. This book feels good, and looks good. The craftsmanship and quality of work in all aspects: words, photos, typography, design, and layout, make this book a joy to own and a joy to give as a gift.

Maybe you've felt that you just "don't get" poetry, that it's too intellectual or confusing. Then this book is certainly for you. The Elusive Here & Now makes for joyful reading, again and again.

Dan's poetry, like any great teaching, is easily understood. His words remind us that when we step back from acting as self-absorbed ego beings, then we discover that peace, joy, and happiness are our natural expressions.

See www.spiritwire.com for selected poems and ordering information.

by Tony Cecala, Ph.D.

Reviewed by Tony Cecala, Ph.D.