The science of Reflexology has been around for thousands of years. It is based on the premise that there are reflexes in our hands, feet and ears that relate to every organ and part of our body. By stimulating these reflexes with pressure and manipulation, nerve function and blood supply may be improved, which may alleviate stress and other health problems.


This combination of acupuncture and Oriental massage was developed in the 18th century in Japan. The goal of Shiatsu is to maintain health and wellness by using the fingers and palms of the hands to press and rub painful spots on the body.

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Judith Greenwood
Reflexologist / RMT
3530 Forest Lane, Suite 190
Dallas, TX
Healing therapies specializing in foot reflexology, Reiki and Sound energy healing, massage, lymphatic drainage, ear candling, Gemstone Energy Medicine, clinical aromatherapy, pre-natal massage, Thai massage, foot reflexology classes.