A holistic approach to healing recognizes that the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each person comprise a system. By working with this systems approach the cause of an illness is targeted rather than just the symptoms. Holistic services focus on traditional medicine, rather than drug-oriented medicine with its emphasis on pharmaceutical drugs.

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Cranial Osteopath
Liz Chapek, D.O.
6760 Abrams Road, Suite 203
Dallas, TX 75231
Hands-on evaluation of body and head by physician, for treatment or prevention, aims to optimize ability to heal & function: NEWBORNS/INFANTS-weak suck, irregular head shape, sleep trouble, fussy, seizures, recurrent ear infection. YOUNG CHILDREN-hyperactivity, learning/developmental trouble, scoliosis, insufficient space for teeth. PREGNANT WOMEN-helps mothers be more comfortable through pregnancy & labor/delivery be easier. ALL AGES-migraine, asthma, menstrual/female problems, injuries from strains, falls, whiplash. Call us for information.