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One of my great pleasures in publishing The Holistic Networker is that I get to know, and work with, very spiritual and enlightened people in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Many of the professionals listed in TheÊNetworker have the uncanny ability to brighten up your day with a word, a smile, or a simple understanding look. They radiate life. They radiate a feeling of pure joy and unlimited possibilities. They have learned not to take life, or themselves, too seriously. I feel that their lightness and calm attitude helps to smooth our journey, clear obstacles, and manifest good fortune. I encourage you to meet some of these wonderful people.

In this issue I welcome the Tarrant county holistic professionals. I deeply appreciate their incredible warmth and hospitality.

The Holistic Networker is now distributed in over 15 cities, including Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, and McKinney.

I feel that this year people will join together, work together, and play together to cooperatively improve our community, our cities and our planet.

I look forward to seeing the holistic community grow and cooperatively create ways to work with all types of healthcare approaches, belief systems, and perspectives. It's empowering to appreciate and honor all pathways--especially those different from our own. I find that it helps to imagine that opposing viewpoints are reflecting another part of oneself. When we drop the judgments that separate us from them we begin to appreciate and understand all viewpoints. With this understanding, conflicts cease to exist and we truly experience the deepest meaning of holism--our essential oneness.

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.,
Publisher, The Holistic Networker

©1994, Tony Cecala