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Welcome to the Age of Consciousness! Unlike in the Sixties when higher states of consciousness were explored by youthful hippies, the Nineties are characterized by a mainstream interest in yoga, meditation, personal growth, alternative medicine, and metaphysics. I think you'll agree that it is fascinating to experience our civilization waking up to its greater potential.

The secrets of human potential are being revealed all over the globe. Ancient traditions and technologies are being rediscovered and popularized. We are rediscovering our creative power to joyfully create our lives. This movement is driven from the underground. New books, like The Celestine Prophecy, sell 100,000 copies by word-of-mouth alone, and personal growth courses circle the globe on little or no advertising.

Day-by-day, the changes are too small for us to notice -- kind of like watching the hour hand on a clock move. Yet, we feel it. We feel something shifting.

How are you experiencing the shifting reality that is unfolding? Are you creating exactly what you would like to be experiencing? There are some who try to convince you that you need their help, that you had better worry. That things are getting bad. Ask yourself, "Is this the kind of experience that I would like to create?" You know what is best for you. Look, listen, and feel for messages in your everyday life. You will find that intuition -- your link to your higher self -- is guiding you on your path.

By reading this issue, you are creating a path of opportunity to enrich your life. In a small, but significant way, your interest has helped to create the growth in this evolutionary movement in the metroplex and around the world.

As we evolve, we have a broader perspective of the experiences in our lives. With this perspective we can take greater responsibility for the situations we experience. From a sufficiently expansive perspective we begin to appreciate the beauty and the synchronicities of our lives. Ideas about struggle fall away and we suddenly realize that "Everything is OK." We accept and appreciate our lives and the lives of those around us.

The Holistic Networker exists to provide you with resources to enrich your life. I encourage you to explore the offerings inside and to decide for yourself what feels right for you.

I wish you joy and happiness on your path. Happy creating!

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.,
Publisher, The Holistic Networker

©1994, Tony Cecala