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Our society is rediscovering it's most valuable resource. This resource never runs out, it creates no pollution, it can be found in unlimited abundance, and it is available to every person on the planet. This resource is the human imagination.

Successful organizations understand that their assets lie not in a bank, or a warehouse, but rather in the minds of their individual members. Pure imagination has fueled the software industry where creative minds weave computer instructions into word processors, spreadsheets, and interactive games. Have you ever noticed that a computer disk containing a valuable program weighs exactly the same as a blank disk? A software product is completely intangible, yet it exists.

Our dreams, too, are intangible. Yet, they exist in our minds. It is our choice to allow them to become our reality.

Imagination is the doorway to the creation of infinite possible realities. Imagination is our direct link to our divine creative power. Children have facile use of their imagination. They dream their reality into existence. To a child, there is no difference between dreams and reality.

Great artists, scientists, writers, and statesman dare to dream of what might be. When we let go of linear thinking we allow our minds to soar beyond the physical universe, beyond time and space into the quantum field of possibilities. Imagination takes us, as Deepak Chopra puts it, "into the gap between thoughts."

You have your dreams. Begin to allow your dreams to become real. When we deny our dreams, we fall into the illusion that we must live with our problems. Stop putting energy into problems, and begin to dream a different future. We can dream a future that aligns with our desire to create an enlightened society.

I look forward to participating in the fascinating times ahead as we rediscover our collective purpose for being here on Earth.

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.,
Publisher, The Holistic Networker

©1993, Tony Cecala