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Creating Goals


Do you know where your life is heading? Where you will be tomorrow? Next year? Ten years from now? Do you feel your life has a purpose?

When you feel that your life has a purpose that feeling acts as a backdrop from which your actions can be gauged. You can more easily determine if a decision conflicts or aligns with your life goals by how it feels. Does it excite you? Does it fill you with enthusiasm? Are you doing it to satisfy yourself? Another? Or another's idea of who you should be?

Life goals help you to live deliberately. Think about an accomplishment you're proud of. Did it just "happen" to you or did you take deliberate steps to make it happen?

It is my goal that The Holistic Networker helps you to set and achieve your personal goals. This issue offers an even greater selection of alternative and complementary choices in lifestyle, diet, health care, personal growth, and recreation. I invite you to join a group, attend a seminar, and sample some products and services advertised within these pages. You'll find people with open hearts, looking to share. It just might change your life.

Many people have generously shared their resources and expertise to help The Holistic Networker to grow. My thanks and appreciation to Pat Cox, Rhavda Emison, Kristey Henderson, and Caryl Neff who introduced me to many people in the holistic community. Thanks to Dan J. & Eugene Frazier who have kindly provided art for the cover. Thanks also to all the distribution sites throughout the metroplex that make each copy of The Holistic Networker available.

The community that is served by TheÊHolistic Networker encompasses all ages, races, religions, and sexual preferences. I would like to see our community grow together and cooperate to achieve our goals. I am pleased with the growth of TheÊHolistic Networker, and continued growth -- in the form of new services and features -- is continually in the works. I invite all of you to grow with us by living deliberately and achieving your goals.

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.,
Publisher, The Holistic Networker

©1994, Tony Cecala