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Creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization


Our society is moving rapidly into a new era where the industrial-age systems are beginning to break down. Have you noticed how rapidly our economic climate is shifting? Mega-corporations are losing billions and laying off tens of thousands regularly; our government struggles to maintain an obsolete Social Security system; and our bank system has lost its credibility. We can react to these changes with fear, dread and blame, or we can experience these changes as an opportunity to grow as a culture. These systems functioned as our "institutional parents" and were entrusted to care for us for our entire lifetime. Out of the failures of these systems, new systems and technologies are arising to empower individuals to create their own prosperity, health, and security.

These new systems provide an opportunity for us to take personal responsibility for our actions and our well-being. Our society has an opportunity to move out of a collective adolescence and to create a world where security comes from a connection with our own Source--our own Creative Power.

We are beginning to focus our collective energy into projects that sustain a higher quality of life for each of us and for the planet. As we realize that we are all intimately connected in a living ecosystem, we will create an enlightened planetary civilization that operates out of a sense of global responsibility. A cooperative civilization -- one focused on common concerns -- asks, "What would we like to accomplish?" and gets down to the business of co-creating a future of prosperity and abundance.

In the holistic community in Dallas, I see a group of people that believe in a better future, and are joyfully creating it in the present. I think you'll find this issue of The Holistic Networker to be Dallas' best source of new ideas and opportunities.

Tony Cecala, Ph.D.,
Publisher, The Holistic Networker

©1993, Tony Cecala