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"Mankind must remember
that peace is not God's gift
to his creatures; peace
is our gift to each other."
- Elie Wiesel

"As we love people, they love us."
- Evelyn Ordman, 87 years young

Be the Change!


Gandhi told his followers, "be the change you wish to see in the world." When we hear these words, we often think of global change and wonder, "Can I really do it?" Here's a secret, you are already doing it. With every thought, decision, and action you send out a ripple into the world. Others sense your ripple and respond to the message you broadcast.

Do you want to experience more love in your life? Be more loving! Do you wish to experience abundance? Be an abundant source for another! Do you wish to be successful? Be the source of another's success! The Prayer of St. Francis reminds us that "in giving, we receive."

We have all experienced the joy of being in the presence of someone who radiates unconditional love—usually this being is an infant we meet in the grocery store. Staring unabashedly at us, unblinking, and completely innocent, she radiates a joyful ripple into the world…creating a string of smiling, cooing adults in her wake.

Peace and joy are not things to be searched for in the world, they are qualities we can bring to the world. As Source beings—living in the world, but not of it—we have the ability to bless others with peace, love, compassion and gratitude. These gifts cost no money, nor do they weigh anything—yet, when we fill our hearts with them, we transform our friends, family, and ourselves in miraculous ways.

These transformations will truly amaze you. You will start to see miracles occurring in your life. You will feel happy and good about yourself and more deserving. Suddenly you will realize that you do have more—more joyful relationships, more gratitude, more success. Not only that, but in thinking about what you can give, you will begin to really appreciate your gifts—what it is that is special about you. You will suddenly understand how much control you really do have over your life and how many wonderful co-creators and opportunities are available. You will feel more love in your heart and you will not be afraid.

peace and love,

Felicia Weiss and Tony Cecala,
Publishers, Holistic Networker

©2002, Holistic Networker, LLC