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Love Without End: Jesus Speaks...

Glenda Green
1999, Heartwings Publishing

Glenda Green’s account of her three-month long conversation with Jesus is filled with incredible wisdom, magic, and wonder. Glenda masterfully tells the story from a firsthand perspective—sharing the spectrum of emotions and thoughts she experienced during those magical sittings when Jesus posed for a portrait. Glenda describes her moments in such touching detail that we reexperience her initial awe, self-consciousness and concerns, as well as her camaraderie and transformational moments with Jesus whom she respectfully refers to as “the Master” in the book.

If you approach this book with any doubt that Glenda actually sat and conversed with Jesus; it will take only a few paragraphs of reading for those doubts to be dispelled. Jesus’ wisdom and expansive viewpoint come through in each exchange. (Throughout the book, the words spoken by Jesus are set in italics.) Glenda covers many topics ranging from personal to galactic in nature. Jesus reiterates one simple message to Glenda: that no matter how unloved and unloving we may feel, our essence is Love. “Love is your true self, which springs from God, the indefinable everlasting fountain of existence. The fictional self is who you thought you were when you forgot that you were love.”

Glenda is an artist living in Fort Worth whose art can be seen at the Chapel of Light in Lake Whitney.

Book review by Tony Cecala, Ph.D.