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Younger Students Attending National Acupuncture College

San Diego, CA - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has been educating health care providers since 1986. Over the past few years, PCOM has started to draw applicants right after college graduation. Of this year's entering students, more than half had just completed their undergraduate education. This trend is starting to place PCOM in direct competition with western medical schools.

Since the start of Oriental medical/acupuncture education in the United States in the 1970's, entering students frequently had already established careers in health care and other fields.

Ten years ago, the majority of students enrolling at PCOM already worked in the health care industry and was pursuing acupuncture to augment their skills. They started additional training so that their patients and clients would benefit from a more holistic approach.

Research suggests that enrollment demographics are also changing nationwide in this field. In the early years, most of the enrollments were by older, second-career students. However, now the emerging trend is for younger enrollees who are seeking training in acupuncture and Oriental medicine as a first-career choice.

Pacific College President, Jack Miller said that most of the initial-career people seem to have their interest in acupuncture sparked as a result of a health crisis. "Their personal histories usually reflect a health condition that didn't improve until they tried acupuncture."

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